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Meet Melanie Nichols

This site is basically about you… how to grow your own online income streams, launch your own business and products to give you the ability to live the lifestyle you desire. I founded Peak Digital Media to help you become your own success story. I love helping you grow your own online income streams so that you can live the lifestyle you desire. I enjoy being able to teach, inspire, and interact with online entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and newbies who want their own piece of the new economy of internet business.

You will see resources that I think would be helpful in your journey – books, courses, tools, and other things. Some of these links might be affiliate links, or totally free. But I will never share a link with your unless I truly believe it will assist you in a real way. If you honestly want to BREAK FREE FINANCIALLY and at the same time get to know me… then simply get on my Blog Email list and I’ll prove to you that I’m different than 98% of marketers out there. I do not do HYPE! Neither do I “sugar coat” things. If you truly want someone that will be ‘real with you’ and help you get rid of false expectations and instead get the correct perspective about online marketing and thereby FINALLY break free financially… THEN YOU ARE EXACTLY where you need to be!

Melanie Nichols