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Building Your Social Media Relevance

There is a new sheriff in town. Well, actually a new algorithm that is being used by Google.

Google has put into place a thing called signals. A very important signal is Social Relevance. This is how many ‘Likes’, ‘+1s’ and the like, that your business receives in the social media world.

Put simply, social media relevance involves gathering, nurturing, and growing your social media network in a real fashion.

The object of the game is to put your messages out there and to influence others to take action. The action can be getting your social media audience to go to your website, and ultimately drive sales to your offerings.


Here are some simple strategies you can use to build your social media relevance:

Be Relevant to your Social Media network

People in your social media network want information that helps them. Being an expert in your niche, you are the one who can provide your network with solutions to their problems and issues they desire information about.

Increase your social media engagement by responding to comments and offering assistance where you can. This will build your authority on these topics and increase your networks confidence in you as an expert.

Building Relationships With Leading Social Influencers

By building relationships with leading social Influencers in your niche, people will see that you are linking to industry leaders. This builds more interest in being part of your social media network.

You can use online tools to find the Influencers that it would benefit you to connect with. Search for groups in your niche that have a large following. Follow these leaders. Publish high quality content and get those leaders to follow you.

Using Social Analytics to Devise Strategies

It is of utmost importance to understand the impact you are having in social media. Your social media relevance score is an important metric that you need to keep track of on a regular basis. Doing so allows you to opportunity  to improve  your social media relevance in the eyes of Google and your visitors. Analytics can help you develop a sound strategy.


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