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Video Marketing: Your Platform To Get Your Message Across

You have something to sell, or you wouldn’t be looking for ways to do that. You have a new (or even old) website and have even gotten some traffic, but you still need to improve your sales. Your blog pulls in a few, but what to do to increase the traffic? Maybe one reason you’re not getting the traffic to your website is the same reason you hate to call customer service regarding a credit card question.  You call, and what do you get? A robotic voice instructing you to push 1 for this and 4 for that, but none of the numbers really apply to your question. If you’re lucky, you finally find a button to push that connects you to a living, breathing person.  

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Why Online Business Needs Social Media

Well, a favorite cartoon by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman is ZITS, the adventures of an angst ridden teenager and his equally confounded parents. It is a perfect illustration of the need for social media marketing. In a recent panel, the teenager, Jerry Duncan, tells his mother he needs ideas for cutting back the time he spends on social media. Mom is all excited and opens her mouth to make some suggestions but Jerry cuts her off. “Not you, Mom, I’m asking my Facebook® friends.”

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Those Who Can Blog

Those who can, DO. Those who can’t, TEACH.

It’s a whole new world, this digital age. Remember the first time you heard the word, blog? “What the heck is that,” you wondered. Someone told you it’s a “web log” shortened to “blog.” And you replied, “Oh, I see.”

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Writing As A Tool To A Laptop Lifestyle

As you write blog articles, or an eBook, does it take you awhile to write your content? Do you wish you could write faster, never have to compromise the caliber of your work?

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Blogging For A New Start In 2016

If you have been wanting to start a blog, but the thought of generating new blog posts on a regular basis has been holding you back read on– there are more ideas out there than you ever imagined! You will never have a shortage.

When you are getting started with blogging, occasionally it can be hard to produce subjects that are good enough to write about.

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