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Successful Home Business for the Over 50 Crowd

Are you aged 50 and above, and considering to start a successful home business? You are not alone. According to the statistics released by The Kauffman Foundation – an organization involved in studying entrepreneurship, the age group starting the highest number of businesses was found to be from ages 55 to 64.

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Those Who Can Blog

Those who can, DO. Those who can’t, TEACH.

It’s a whole new world, this digital age. Remember the first time you heard the word, blog? “What the heck is that,” you wondered. Someone told you it’s a “web log” shortened to “blog.” And you replied, “Oh, I see.”

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Blogging For A New Start In 2016

If you have been wanting to start a blog, but the thought of generating new blog posts on a regular basis has been holding you back read on– there are more ideas out there than you ever imagined! You will never have a shortage.

When you are getting started with blogging, occasionally it can be hard to produce subjects that are good enough to write about.

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Guaranteed Baby Boomer Tiddlywink Bliss

If it doesn’t have a switch, or a remote, or a game console, if it’s not a smart phone – the younger generation has no idea what it is!  Tiddlywinks, that is.

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Boomers Benefit From Better Bankrolls

Then came the 1950s and things changed. The old folks still talked about the Great Depression, but the boomer generation got caught up in the new materialism of modern gadgets like TV sets and a second car. Everyone thought that Social Security would take care of them in their own old age, but by retirement reality set in. Fewer and fewer companies were paying pensions to their retirees and Social Security didn’t even have a nodding acquaintance with inflation.

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Guaranteed No Stress Blogging

The word “blog” is an abbreviation of the term “weblog”. Back in the early 1990s, when the internet as we know it today was still in its infancy, weblogs were a form of online diary keeping. The earliest bloggers would share details of their everyday lives on first-generation blog sites such as Open Pages and Open Diary.

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7 Tips That Will Make You A Guru Of The Blog Post

There are a number of individuals who fear needing to compose weblog posts. Several simply feel like it appears to be a lot of work and everything just goes to waste when they are read by no one. To a number of readers, websites they are studying just look like work, particularly when the post is extremely dull and tedious. Properly written, weblog posts should be read, that is their goal to impart advice and your message. Otherwise this is a waste of effort and time, in the case it’s not read.

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