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Pros And Cons Of Working At Home

Imagine this scene: you are at a party, and there is a person trying to get to know you. The person asks, “What do you do?” or “Where do you work”, and you feel it. If you work from home, you will feel it. I guarantee it – you will feel the stigma that comes with working from home.

So, let’s get down to talking about the Pros and Cons of working at home

pros and cons of working at home

People assume that working from home is for lazy people, that it does not come with any negatives.

So, let us start with the rose tinted version first. You get to choose your own hours of working. You can wake up at a decent hour of the morning or stay up at night working in peace. You get to be in your pajamas (probably) and you can snack as much as you want without any judgment.

Oh, did I mention that you do not have to deal with gossip, water cooler conversations, awkward communication with others. You do not have to deal with the passive-aggressive secretary or the strangely uptight boss.

You are on your own.

But, with that comes a whole lot of negatives. I have stumbled upon some people who do not set up any hours at all. They work as soon as work manifests itself, which is a huge negative aspect of the job. You become constantly on the clock, clocked in at the mercy of the people you work for.

Being on your own can also suck, because you are…on your own. Like, really, really on your own. No one is there to help you file this report you do not know how to file. No one is there to help you work extra hours in the “office.” There is no camaraderie.

“Peace and quiet are a boon to home working productivity, but remember the flip side, too. Working from home can be isolating at times. Keep in contact with your co-workers, colleagues and associates via Skype, phone, or even instant message. Going out for a bite to eat or hitting a networking event now and again will get you in front of other humans, too.”

It can be a lonely profession to work from home. It is nice to have peace and quiet, but too much of peace and quiet can just drive you insane. Sometimes, I find myself talking to myself to make noise in the empty office. Actually, I play music sometimes, which is awesome (okay, let us chalk up another one for the advantages column).

Finally, there is no technology support. I cannot even begin to explain the frustrations of technology failing me.

“Let’s face it: Computers and technology sometimes don’t work the way we want them to. (What??? I know, can you believe it?) At the office, you’re likely to have an in-house IT person at your service. That’s not the case when working from home so your machines may take longer to be fixed than you’d like.”

Like with any job, working from home has its pros and cons. It really depends on who you are as a person. I am very quiet, so working from home does not bother me at all, and being alone does not bother me, for instance.

Get to know yourself. See if it’s a good fit!


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