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Blogging For A New Start In 2016

If you have been wanting to start a blog, but the thought of generating new blog posts on a regular basis has been holding you back read on– there are more ideas out there than you ever imagined! You will never have a shortage.

When you are getting started with blogging, occasionally it can be hard to produce subjects that are good enough to write about.


Choosing a Subject to Write About

Knowing the best areas to search, you’ll find that the subjects you’ll be able to write about truly are endless. The very first thing you need to do is begin a list. Keep a pad and pen with you, even by your bedside at night. Write every idea down. It may seem you will have the ability to recall your fantastic thought, but it often eludes you later.

Once you get into a custom of recording your thoughts, your list will eventually become big enough so you’ve got multiple ideas to choose from.

As a blogger, it can be touch coming up with fresh ideas.

Here are 11 Tips for Producing Blog Post Ideas

— Keep a dream journal, who knows what will come up. The power of the subconscious mind is unimaginable.

— Search related websites online. See what they are talking about.

— Skim industry headlines for ideas. Sometimes a great idea comes from a completely unrelated website. Look for the latest trends, hot topics, and new ideas.

— Watch community forums and newsgroups. What are they talking about? What kind of issues and problems are people having that could be a great blog post idea for you?

— Take a stroll though Amazon’s bestseller lists for a potential treasure chest of ideas. Scan lists in all kinds of categories, not just the one your blog is in.

Go to a real bookstore, scan the shelves and titles for new subjects and twists on old ones.

— Check out the latest trends by going to Google Trends.  Google provides updates on the latest topics that people are actually searching for at any given moment.

— A question and answer site, Quora, similar to wiki, is another good option. Users post questions and respond with answer to questions.  Get a free account, tell Quora what topics you are interested in, and each time you sign in, you will see the latest questions and answers for those topics.

— Look through the top stories online and in social media at AllTop.  Lets you know what people are talking about and what is in the news.

— If you want some humorous current topics and ideas, try Fark, which provides you to the links to the most popular ridiculous, strange, and unbelievable headlines from around the world.

8 Types of Blog Posts You Can Write


What is happening in your life or business right now. Your readers will get to know you better when you include this type of blog post periodically.

Top Ten Tips (or whatever number of tips you want)

These types of posts lists your tips on whatever the subject may be.


Share reviews about products, books, movies, games or whatever the topic may be.

Rant Post

These are posts that let you give your opinion on whatever topic you like.  It’s your blog, you can be as opinionated as you please.

Video Post

Create a brief video on any topic and post it on your blog.


Make an audio recording and post it as a blog post.

Promotional Post

These are blog posts that promote specific products, offerings, and events.

Resource Post

List resources for whatever topic you are writing about.

Monetizing Your Blog

While you may have started your blog because you are passionate about your subject. It is also easy to start to make money from your blog as well.

Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Promoting affiliate products – you promote the product and leave the selling to the product creator.  When someone follows your link and buys the product, you get a percentage of the sale.

Adding mailing list/newsletter opt-in form to your blog. This is really important to do. This is a list of people who are interested in you or your topic. This list is an asset that you own, when you are promoting affiliate products, you lose this. Make this work with an auto-responder and you have the ability to communicate with your list and promote your own or others products to them where you feel it is appropriate. Be sure to provide real value.

Selling advertising space. Once you have a big enough following, you will be able to leverage that by selling ad space on your blog. You can use Google Adsense on your site, or other network sites to accomplish this, or look for your own advertisers directly.

Converting blog collections into eBooks. Creating your own product out of a collection of your blog posts is another great idea for monetization.

Secrets of Successful Blogging

I will leave you with this thought…

The key to successful blogging is keeping your blog interesting and filled with new content. The more you can do this, the more readers you will eventually have. This gives you respect in the blogging community and increases the income you can make from your blog.

While the initial rush you get from publishing your own blog will eventually fade away, it’s important that you keep yourself interested in your blog so you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

Schedule certain times when you will blog and stick to it. When you know that during these hours you will be focusing on your blog, it’s easier to keep it fresh. You will begin to develop loyal followers, and see your interaction start to grow.

And lastly, be sure to run your blog like a business. Even if you devote only a few hours per week to your blog in your spare time, it’s possible to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month from your blog.  As a business owner, your job is to keep your content relevant, interesting, and high value so that people will keep looking forward to your postings and your popularity will rise.

I want you to consider starting 2016 with a bang. Learn how to get your blog going and start generating income.

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