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Successful Home Business for the Over 50 Crowd

Are you aged 50 and above, and considering to start a successful home business? You are not alone. According to the statistics released by The Kauffman Foundation – an organization involved in studying entrepreneurship, the age group starting the highest number of businesses was found to be from ages 55 to 64.

Being over 50 has its own blessing, and you are perfectly prepared to start a business by the wealth of experience you’ve garnered over the duration of your career. This is a good reason for you to not look at retirement as being ‘done.’

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However, you don’t have to start a business that will be demanding because there are plenty of businesses you can start at home. You can be productive, earn, and still have quality time to spend with your loved ones.

Here are a few business ideas you can use to get started with your own online business.


Yes, people do make money in blogging. If this idea interests you, I will suggest you choose a niche topic you enjoy. Or a topic you have bountiful knowledge about. Your goal is to get visitors coming to your site, and ensure they return on a routine basis. It’s relatively easy to find sponsors, such as affiliate programs or advertisers, nowadays. It will require work, but you can have flexible hours. And a lot of folks actually do blog to the bank!

Affiliate Marketing

When you recommend products to others, and you have the necessary persuading power to make them purchase, you get paid a commission-  that is known as affiliate marketing. Many big retailers of cosmetics, fashion, health as well as home products belong to one or several affiliate networks like Commission Junction. When you become an associate of an affiliate network, you promote and recommend products available from the retailers that partner with them. You may choose to become an affiliate of Amazon – a practical seller of almost all things, or eBay.

Writing for Cash

Freelance writing is another good home business idea worth giving a try. It’s an alternative idea for those without love for affiliate marketing. Your vast life experience should better place you in a good position to win over your competition in the writing niche. Also, you can find many websites and blogs where bloggers and website owners seek to find people to write for their respective websites, for money of course! However, you will need to write at a reasonably low rate when you are starting out, but, you can always set a better rate once you have a decent portfolio and have gotten a good reputation as a writer.

In addition to the ideas mentioned above, you may also choose to sell pictures (if you are an excellent photographer) on stock photo websites or package them to sell on Zazzle.

If you are talented in crafts, you can offer them for sale on Etsy.

The home business ideas I’ve shared with you are quite easy to venture into. They do not need any specific high-tech abilities or advanced degrees. They have low startup costs, and have proven that home business can be very easy to start.

Put on your creativity cloak to come up with other home business ideas that you think are good for your personality and worth giving a shot at. I would love to hear them in the comment box.


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