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Video Marketing: Your Platform To Get Your Message Across

You have something to sell, or you wouldn’t be looking for ways to do that. You have a new (or even old) website and have even gotten some traffic, but you still need to improve your sales. Your blog pulls in a few, but what to do to increase the traffic? Maybe one reason you’re not getting the traffic to your website is the same reason you hate to call customer service regarding a credit card question.  You call, and what do you get? A robotic voice instructing you to push 1 for this and 4 for that, but none of the numbers really apply to your question. If you’re lucky, you finally find a button to push that connects you to a living, breathing person.  

Why Video Marketing?

Now, while you can’t put a person on your website, there is a way to get the human touch included—video.

Let’s face it. We live in a world of visuals today. People just don’t take the time to read these days, but they will listen briefly to a video recorded message if it’s got good content, it’s not too long, and it changes from time to time to get them coming back for more!

Now, think about the last time you made a customer service call and literally had to punch every button on your phone dial and still didn’t get the information you called about. Now apply that to your blog video. What got the web surfer to click onto your video was the promise of important information— even if that information is only a button to click to get to your website where all the business transactions take place.

Suppose you’ve gotten some good feedback on your blog, but nothing really that has created any substantial traffic to your website where you hope to make sales. You’d like to include a video that goes viral, but that rarely happens except by accident. What you should concentrate on is a quality video that piques interest enough to get them to click onto the hyperlink to your website. If you’re lucky enough to think up a potentially viral video on your blog, just remember that adorable doggies and curious kitties can only go so far..

And what good is adorable if it doesn’t sell your product?

In another blog we’ll talk about setting up to make your video. In the meantime there are many free tutorial sites to help you understand the process. If you’re still intimidated, a good digital marketing site can help you get past that roadblock.


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