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Why Online Business Needs Social Media

Well, a favorite cartoon by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman is ZITS, the adventures of an angst ridden teenager and his equally confounded parents. It is a perfect illustration of the need for social media marketing. In a recent panel, the teenager, Jerry Duncan, tells his mother he needs ideas for cutting back the time he spends on social media. Mom is all excited and opens her mouth to make some suggestions but Jerry cuts her off. “Not you, Mom, I’m asking my Facebook® friends.”

Ever wonder about why online business needs social media?

Let’s face it (pardon the pun) but the world in the digital age is run by devices, and socialization has come down to “likes” and “shares” without direct personal contact.

Word of mouth has become word of bytes. People walk around with their necks craned over hand held phones and tablets. It’s where they interact, where they get their information, and what they do with vast amounts of their time. Like it or not, this is today’s reality and the marketer who is not taking advantage of the phenomenon is not marketing at all.

Build a better website and they won’t (necessarily) come; build social connections and they will. In a very real way, it is no different than the days when we used to tell our friends in person about new gadgets or great places to eat or shop. The difference is that it’s being done in social media groups which are accessible 24/7 and from anyplace with a wi-fi connection.

A good marketer will have at least one social media membership. A great marketer will have several.

The trick is knowing how to use them.

First, keep your social media active. The more friends you have, the more contacts you’ll make.

Second, take a few minutes of everyday to post (or re-post) something of general interest. A good one will be “liked” or re-posted in a “share.” That, in turn will go to friends of friends, ad infinitum. In that way over time more people will get to know you. I know, it sounds impersonal, but that’s the way it’s done these days.

And finally, don’t make your social medium an advertising page. Many social media allow you to create business pages which you link to your social page. Items you enter on your page may often be linked to your blog, which in turn can get people to click onto your website.

These are only a few ways social media can be used in marketing. Let your imagination soar as you make lots of new friends.


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