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Writing As A Tool To A Laptop Lifestyle

As you write blog articles, or an eBook, does it take you awhile to write your content? Do you wish you could write faster, never have to compromise the caliber of your work?

You can.

There are various approaches you can take to create faster, while maintain the caliber of your projects.

Here are 8 tips and techniques you can use:


Look for an environment in which you feel comfortable. Whether you want to work in your pajamas right out of bed, or take a hike and work in a remote, serene location, is totally up to you. Just make sure you are comfortable and able to write there with ease.


All disturbances really must be removed, at least as much as possible. Though this might not appear easy, it can be easily accomplished. For Example, taking your small children to a day care while your dedicate time to writing. Or working during nap times or after bedtime. I have gone so far when I need to focus and be super productive to change my sleep patterns in bed by 7pm up by 2am. Not very sustainable for long periods but I can tell you it got me into a super productive, quiet time for working. Actually, removing your distractions also proven to minimize or completely remove the likelihood of writers block.


If you are a painfully slow-typer, you might want to consider having a typing class. Among the many issues that eBook authors encounter is the fact that their fingertips don’t go as fast as their minds do. Once your typing proficiency increases to a faster rate, you might discover a substantial development within the amount of time that is required to create your writing for the day.

Start With An Outline 

If you are a writer who currently doesn’t use an outline, you might want to consider doing so. Outlines are relatively simple to develop and they have an infinite number of benefits. A major benefit is that you know exactly what to write and how to write it. This means that you can focus on writing and not trying to determine what comes next. This alone can save you a considerable amount of time.

Spell Check

Spellcheck is essential to any blog or eBook. But, don’t let spell check bog you down. Just write as fast as you can. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or even the right punctuation. Get your writing done, and at the end come back, run a spell checker.


Just Like spellchecking, editing is vitally important. But like spell checking, it is best to write now and check later.

Dedicated time

Define a dedicated time for your writing, and stick to it. If you are worried about how much time it will take, put that aside and just let the writing flow freely during the time allocated. Then let it go until the next scheduled time. This will help free your mind from distraction, worry, and other potential productivity blockers.

All these techniques are simply some of the many that exist. What works for you may not work for someone else. With that in mind, find what works for you and just be consistent. What have you got to lose?

Leave your comments below to let me know how these tips worked for you or just share what works for you if it isn’t in this list, it might help someone else out.


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